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About Us

At RCT Enterprises CIC we pride ourselves on the Core Values we work towards...

Working towards

• committed to fairness and integrity in all our stakeholder relationships;
• fully accountable to RCT Enterprises CIC customers; and attentive and responsive to their changing needs;
• striving for social improvement as a consequence of everything we do;
• responsibly managing our impact on the environment; and
• good fun to deal with.

Our employees are dedicated individuals who work as a team to bring you the best service possible. All our individuals are regular trained and have a remit to listen to customers and users of our services enabling the organisation to learn and adapt services to an ever demanding need.


RCT Enterprises CIC aims to:
• Ensure that all employees become dual purpose with their secondary role as community connectors.
• ensure a neighbourhood warden presence is maintained on larger estate contracts
• establishing a professional environment that is accessible for all residents.
• understanding and encouraging the diversity within the service and creating a very inclusive environment.


RCT Enterprises CIC will strive to drive up the quality of our services by...
• developing and promoting a range of practices for customers, community groups, suppliers and employees and provide the tools and support to enable effective services.
• providing a framework for the personal development of employees, volunteers through a variety of training and involvement in RCT Enterprises CIC activities.

The Team
  • Dr Iain Lucas

    Managing Director

  • Claire Heather

    Contract Manager

  • Nigel White

    Neighbourhood Caretaker

  • Kimberley Swain

    Cleaning Operative