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Putting the community first

Our unique community first approach to facilities management creates a consistent quality threshold. For RCT Enterprises CIC our strong sense of pride in our work and the services we provide our communities is our major strength.


Acting with a purpose against dirt and grime

RCT Enterprises CIC operate cleaning contracts in various commercial, industrial, environmental, and domestic contexts, which differ in scale and requirements. The company use a wide variety of cleaning methods, chemicals, and equipment to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process.


Window cleaning today is not what
window cleaning used to be.

RCT Enterprises CIC employ the innovative water fed pole system. Water fed poles use filtered water which react with dirt on window so as the water falls away so does the dirt, leaving no streaks and very clean windows.

RCT Enterprises CIC are proud of their Core Values



Our employees are a dedicated team who bring you the best service possible.


RCT Enterprises CIC is a community interest company dedicated to great quality services.


Our mission is to provide a high standard facilities management service for all our customers.


RCT Enterprises CIC the preferred choice for a community based approach to facilities management services.


Training and development of all our employees ensures that you, the public and our employees are kept safe and the job gets done to a high quality standard.